9 Signs You Need A Detox

No matter how clean of a life you try to live or how clean you try to eat, our bodies are bombarded with toxins every day.  Those toxins accumulate and cause symptoms and can even cause illnesses.  From the pesticides and artificial ingredients in our food and drinks to chemicals in cigarettes and in processed foods to the heavy metals found in our vaccines. All of these toxins and chemicals accumulate over time and penetrate deep into your tissues.  A detox helps to soften the blow to your immune system to get things back to working the way that they are supposed to work and get you feeling your best again.

The usual and obvious are always recommended, like quitting smoking, getting rest and drinking plenty of fluids, and practicing stress management to help prevent further damage.  This does not necessarily get rid of already done damage, it just helps limit further damage temporarily. This doesn’t mean that you have to live an ultra restrictive life with a strict diet and drink only water.  It just means that you should occasionally detox your body, especially if you are feeling symptomatic or every three months to help detox your cells and your liver and kidneys that are responsible for detoxing your body regularly.

Here are a few ways to tell if you’re due for your next SpartanDETOX:

1) You Feel Like an Insomniac

If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, you might be due for your next detox.  This could be a sign of a buildup of toxins.  Drinking natural fruit and vegetable smoothies will help clean out the toxins from the liver; a primary detox organ.

2) You Don’t Smell So Great

If you have strong odors coming from different parts of your body, it might be your body trying to push out your toxins through your skin.  If you have bad breath it can also be from those same toxins trying to escape that your liver or kidneys are having a hard time processing.  Detoxing your body will help your kidneys and liver process the incoming toxins better so that you don’t have the strong odors associated with a high level of toxins. Using a SpartanDETOX will help clean out your body so that you can smell better and not experience as many embarrassing odors.

3) You Constantly Get Headaches

If you are constantly reaching for that coffee or Tylenol because of frequent headaches, then a detox could be the better prescription for you.  Your headaches are likely due to toxin build-up in your body.  To help with your headache, drink plenty of water, and use detox to give your body the nutrients it needs to get rid of your headaches.

4) You Have Gut Issues

If you start to notice that you are getting bloated or are having regularity issues, a detox might be what you need to empty out and get you regular and feeling better.  If you are completely blocked, that could be dangerous, and detoxing can help clear you out and prevent further issues and complications.

5) You Have A Hard Time Losing Weight

Sometimes you think you are doing everything right but are having a hard time losing weight or you are gaining weight.  This could be because of the toxins in your body that cause your hormones to fluctuate and become imbalanced.  A detox would help rebalance the hormones so that you can lose weight successfully.  A detox that is full of vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and vegetables can help rebalance your body along with improving your diet by reducing or eliminating simple carbohydrates such as pizza or bread.

6) You Are Always Tired

If you get plenty of sleep but still feel like you need another eight-hour nap, the toxins are causing your body to work too hard to process them.  Once you do a detox you will be able to feel the drastic difference in your mental clarity and in your energy levels which will also allow you to sleep more easily at night.

7) You Have a Hard Time Thinking Clearly

If you are experiencing brain fog and are having a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand, it may be a sign that you are due for your next SpartanDETOX. Toxins don’t just affect your body, they also affect your brain.  Drinking lots of water, taking vitamins and probiotics and detoxing your body will help clear your brain of the toxins that are making it difficult for you to focus.

8) You Feel Depressed

If you often feel sad and are having a hard time battling depression, it could be a sign that your body is in desperate need of a detox.  Depression can be caused by a buildup of toxins in the body, particularly the brain, liver, and digestive system.  Detoxing with yellow-orange or green vegetables can help the body clear those toxins that are causing your depression.

9) You Have a Hard Time Getting in the Mood

If you have a hard time getting in the mood or functioning, it could be time for a detox.  Your sexual organs are just like any other part of your body and can cease to function properly or optimally if bombarded by toxins.  If you have too many toxins in your body, then any part of your body can become affected. Doing a detox like the SpartanDETOX 3 Day Detox can clear the toxins and give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to perform and feel energized again.

If you have any of these issues or if you just want to be at optimal health.  Call SpartanDETOX today to start your 3-day detox.  3 Days to your optimal health and a new and improved you.


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