Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to drink the entire bottle?

No you don’t. These bottles are for a 220 pound man and also a 130 pound woman. Not everyone’s stomach is big enough to finish each bottle. Drink as much as you can Nd keep it going. You can throw away once full or keep in fridge for day once done, you can drink in morning or in between meals throughout the day. You shouldn’t be with a bottle in your hand for more than 15 minutes.

How long do I wait after the first cup drink my second?

You wait one hour. While waiting make sure you start to drink water 1-2 glasses of water would be great. Then have you #2

Could I go workout on a fasted stomach?

Yes you can. You drink your immune starter First (water, cayenne pepper & lime) and them go to the gym workout and make sure you stay hydrated Bery important. Your body there will use you fat as energy therefore help you with loss of weight while on your cleanse. Great way to shed a couple of more pounds.

After my number 2 drink how long do I wait to drink each of my drinks?

From the second drink forward everything is drunken every 2-3 hours.

How much water do I drink daily while on the cleanse?

Refill each bottle once done with smoothies 1-2 times

Can I chew gum?

No you cannot. Gum is filled with toxicity. Chew ice or a piece of celery if worse comes to worse.

Do o Leave that bags and ice packs outside for driver to pick up?

Yes, leave them outside your front door by 5pm to be switched by driver the day when he comes and drops of following bag.

Do I need to drink the teas?

No you do not. But the green teas is antioxidant, fat burning and cleansing for the body so great for that particular moment (mid day) also fro any headechs that come about. Chamomile tea is also great for right before bed since it is a muscle relaxer. Get ready for. Great night sleep.

Can I drink my own teas?

Yes you can choose any herbal teas.

When are deliveries done?

Deliveries are done night before starting anywhere from 5pm-12 midnight.

Do we deliver daily? (Dade county orders only)

Yes we do. Only day we deliver two bags is in Saturdays since I give all workers off. Anyone having two or more deliveries on Friday will get two bas on Friday night, one for Saturday and the other for Sunday. Deliveries will continue once again on Sunday night.

How do we work with shipping?

We deliver all bottles for detox (frozen) so they can keep their nutrient base till you thaw and begin to drink.

Can I drink Black Coffee?

I would suggest Not to. You are giving you liver and kidney a rest and caffeine will intervene with the process.