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Benefits of a Body Cleanse for your Health

Benefits of a Body Cleanse for your Health

A body cleanse is an old and venerable practice. But in recent years people have become more interested in the idea of doing a body cleanse for a host of sound reasons. Our food generally contains more toxic ingredients than ever before, and the need to cleanse these toxins from the body has become more urgent. 

Even our lifestyles have become more toxic. The sedentary lives so many of us lead, whether we mean to or not, can allow toxins to build up. A body cleanse can flush these toxins from the system and restore health in important ways. 

We have also become more aware of the benefits of a body cleanse as the science of food and body chemistry has revealed how a body cleanse can work. While in years past we relied primarily on folk wisdom to guide our methods for a body cleanse, we now have some sound medical science to help us clear out dangerous chemicals from the body and provide the maximum benefits from a body cleanse. 

This guide will give the information you need to do a body cleanse for full benefit and to restore your health. 

What is a Body Cleanse?

A body cleanse is generally a short-term intervention that works to eliminate toxins from your body. A body cleanse typically consists of fruit juices and vegetable juices supplemented with things like nut milk. 

Some body cleanse programs will add specific types of herbs, teas, and other supplements to achieve certain goals. 

There are some body cleanse protocols that include intestinal cleansing and enemas. 

The primary goals of a body cleanse are to:

  • Give organs and organ systems a rest from a brief and controlled fasting period. 
  • Stimulate the liver to remove toxins. 
  • Promote elimination through feces, urine, and sweat. 
  • Improve circulation
  • Provide a boost of nutrients for your body. 

A body cleanse is generally recommended for exposure to toxic chemicals in your diet. Because our food contains so many synthetic ingredients and other chemical additives, a body cleanse is usually the program for removing these things to avoid things like digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory conditions. A body cleanse can also be part of a weight loss program that also includes long-term dietary corrections and exercise. 

Before engaging a body cleanse there are some things to think about in order to prepare. 

First, eliminate alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine from your diet. These things are obviously extremely toxic, and you will see better results by eliminating them prior to a body cleanse. You will also feel better while going through a body cleanse. 

Get plenty of sleep. In order for your body to remain healthy and for you to get the best results from a body cleanse, it is crucial that you are properly rested. Getting plenty of sleep during a body cleanse also makes it easier for you to get through the process. 

Reduce or eliminate processed foods and sugars. Again, processed foods and processed sugars are major sources of toxins in the body. Cutting down on or eliminating your consumption of these kinds of things you will optimize the benefits of a body cleanse. 

Decrease your salt intake. Salt makes us retain water, and it upsets the natural balance of electrolytes in the body. By cutting down on salt prior to a body cleanse, you open the pathways for the body cleanse to remove the most toxins possible. Elimination through urine and sweat are two of the important ways that a body cleanse work. 

Stay active. Remaining active up to and through a body cleanse ensures that your entire body is working to achieve the goals of the cleanse. While you may want to reduce your physical activity during a body cleanse, you should remain active to keep your circulatory and respiratory systems optimized. 

Benefits of a Body Cleanse

There are numerous benefits to a body cleanse. Since what we eat impacts virtually every aspect of our health and well-being, a body cleanse can provide benefits for the entire body, including your mind and mental health. Some key benefits of a body cleanse include:

Improve Digestive Health

Maintaining digestive health is crucial since this is the primary pathway to every other physiological system in your body. A body cleanse can help alleviate or fully relieve issues such as constipation or irregular bowel movements. Since these kinds of issues can be symptoms of other problems, it is critical to treat them, and a body cleanse is one of the best treatments. 

There is also evidence that a body cleanse can help prevent colon cancer. By periodically flushing toxins from your digestive system, you can remove potentially dangerous chemicals that may cause colon cancer.  

Gain Control of Cravings

We tend to think of cravings as being purely mental—that we crave things simply because we have trained our minds to want them. But the science of cravings is more complex. Cravings are rooted in hormonal systems that are triggered in certain ways by the things we eat and drink. Since a body cleanse includes large amounts of healthy fluids in the form of fruit and vegetable juices, they tend to make you feel satisfied while also recalibrating the chemical systems that regulate hormones. A body cleanse can effectively re-set the hormones that cause cravings. 

Energy Boost

Part of the way the human liver works in relation to the rest of the body is the way it impacts energy levels. Normal liver function will leave you with plenty of energy. When the liver is overworked in processing toxins, your body will slow down and lose energy. A body cleanse removes toxins from your system which essentially gives your liver a break. By eliminating toxins, your liver can return to a normal and healthy function and you will get an energy boost.

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

It is important to remember that our minds and bodies operate as one continuous system. When the physical side of things is impaired, the mental and emotional side also suffers. Processed foods like sugar, alcohol, and caffeine can contribute to what is called adrenal fatigue which can interrupt sleep patterns and decrease energy levels. These in turn can lead to things like depression and lack of energy. This condition involves the depletion of adrenal hormones, most notably the hormone cortisol. Another source of adrenal fatigue is stress. Abstaining from processed foods and then going through a proper body cleanse, you can flush out the toxins that contribute to adrenal fatigue and restore the hormone balance that helps maintain mental and emotional health. 

There are additional benefits to a body cleanse. These include healthier organs and organ function, the ability to think more clearly, a boost to your immune system, and even fresher breath. The benefits of a body cleanse are increased the more the process comes under study. 

Body Cleanse Side Effects

A body cleanse can be a shock to your system. Like any other major change to your diet or activity level, there are side effects to a body cleanse. Most of the side effects are usually minimal and the payoff of a body cleanse makes them worth enduring. Things you may expect include:


This is due to a combination of factors. In some cases, it is completely psychological. That you are living without your usual food and beverage indulgences can make people feel sluggish. But a body cleanse can often be low in protein, and this can slow down your energy levels. 

Headaches and irritability

Headaches and mood changes frequently occur with any major dietary change. The lower sugar levels that come with a body cleanse can also contribute to this problem. The best way to avoid this is to slowly eliminate things like processed sugar and caffeine prior to beginning a body cleanse. 

Nausea and stomach upset

Again, the change in caloric intake alone may cause these side effects. These are also common symptoms that come with a body cleanse because of the highly restricted diet. One of the best remedies is to simply drink more water. 

Other side effects such as bad breath and frequent urination are due to the increase in liquids and various juices that make up a body cleanse protocol. These will abate once you have finished the body cleanse. 

Body Cleanse FAQS

What is a body cleanse?

A body cleanse is generally a short-term intervention that works to eliminate toxins from your body. A body cleanse typically consists of fruit juices and vegetable juices supplemented with things like nut milk. 

What is the purpose of a body cleanse? 

A body cleanse is meant to remove toxins and other unhealthy chemicals from your body. By flushing your digestive system and providing specific types of nutrients it is possible to remove the kinds of toxins and unhealthy chemicals that tend to accumulate in our modern diet. 

What can I eat during a body cleanse? 

For a real body cleanse you will consume only fruit and vegetable juices. These are often filled out with things like nut milk for smoothies. Some body cleanses add supplements and teas for different purposes. 

How long does a body cleanse last? 

Most body cleanse protocols are for 24 hours to three days.

Are there side effects to a body cleanse? 

There are some side effects. These include digestive and intestinal issues, but they are generally mild. Most of the side effects of a body cleanse can be alleviated by simply drinking water. 

Spartan Detox Plan

A simple search of the internet will take you to countless body cleanse ideas. From simple fruit juice fasts to complicated herbal supplements—there are endless body cleanse formulas to be found. Sorting through this can be next to impossible. 

Spartan Detox offers numerous body cleanse and juice fasting programs that come complete with everything you need to experience a healthy body cleanse. Spartan Detox natural juices & smoothies are prepared every day using the best quality fruits outdoors offering an exceptional taste and drink experience that will help your body feel energetic.

With the Spartan Detox, you are consuming far more fruits, vegetables, and herbs daily than on any other detox.  You also have a detox shake or juice often enough to avoid any hunger or drops in sugar that you might experience with other styles of detoxing.


So much of the things we eat and drink in this modern age are filled with junk ingredients. Many of these ingredients are toxic. From artificial flavorings to preservatives to the chemical treatments used in food production, our diets have become clouded with chemicals that are simply not good for us. 

Over time, these toxic chemicals can take a real toll on our bodies and cause serious health problems. Inflammatory diseases, for example, can be directly linked to toxic substances in our food. One good way to treat the toxicity that can accumulate in our bodies is through a body cleanse. 

Simply put, a body cleanse is exactly what it sounds like. It is a short-term dietary intervention that flushes toxicity from the body in order to restore a healthy balance. Through a combination of fruit juices, vegetable juices, and non-dairy milk, we can not only remove toxic elements in our bodies but also provide ourselves with a powerful boost of nutrition and restorative health supplements. 

A body cleanse can restore a balance to our digestive system which in turn creates a pathway for a return to health throughout the body. A body cleanse can boost liver function, open the circulatory system, and ultimately help with our mental and emotional well-being. 

A sound body cleanse requires careful planning to make sure you are getting the basic vitamins and minerals necessary to keep yourself healthy. Rather than casting around blind for information that may or may not be valid, Spartan Detox offers a range of detox and body cleanse, medically sound systems, nutrition, and work.