How Juicing and Exercise combined helps flush out Toxins

Juicing is a popular and effective way of cleansing the body of toxins. Combining juicing and exercise can provide a double-punch for cleansing toxins out of your system. The simple process of juicing allows your body to catch up with the dangerous materials that can accumulate in your system. But juicing and exercise will help you accelerate these natural processes which cleanse your system and restore good health. 

Juicing itself is a simple process. By working with a strict diet of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, you can help your body with the natural systems of elimination which remove dangerous chemicals. Exercise is equally straightforward. Simply by working your metabolism and increasing your physical activity, your body naturally eliminates many of the toxins that cause problems. Juicing and exercise, when done correctly, offer a powerful combination for your health and wellness. 

Juicing and exercise need to be done together with some care. The reduced caloric intake of a juice cleanse can leave you with fewer nutrients for exercise. Likewise, exercise burns up many of the important nutrients you require for physical activity. While juicing and exercise are great for flushing out toxins, you need to take some measures to make sure you are balancing both juicing and exercise toward maximum benefit. 

This guide will give you the details on juicing and exercise. What are the benefits of juicing and exercise, and how to obtain the best results with juicing and exercise.

How exercising while juicing helps flush toxins

Juicing is a toxin cleanse based on the idea that simultaneously reducing or eliminating toxins from the diet and boosting your intake of natural juices results in an overall elimination of toxins. 

The juices used in a juice cleanse contain ingredients that generally contain natural chemicals that help the body eliminate toxins. By the same token, these juices offer enough vitamins and minerals to provide enough calories and nutrients to sustain your body while you allow your natural organ systems, the liver, and kidneys, for example, to recover from toxic loads and return to healthy functioning. 

By combining exercise with a juice cleanse program, you can increase both the number of toxins you eliminate and the rate at which you expel these toxins from the body. At the most basic level, sweating is a form of toxin elimination. 

Increasing your metabolism during exercise can also boost the elimination of toxins from the body. The right kind of exercise effectively increases the rate at which toxins are processed in the bloodstream and filtered in systems like the liver and the kidneys. 

Benefits of juicing and exercising

The nutrition and boosts to immunity are immediate and obvious benefits to a juice fast. When combined with exercise, these benefits increase. However, there are more benefits than the obvious. Some primary benefits to juicing and exercise include:

Detoxifies cells and tissues

Because juicing increases key nutrients and things such as antioxidants while simultaneously depriving the body of chemicals that are damaging, the process of a juice cleanse opens channels of detoxification. When you exercise while juicing, the rate of elimination is increased along with the quantities of toxins that can be eliminated. 

There are four principal excretory routes in the body: the skin, bowels, liver, and kidneys all play crucial roles in removing toxins from our physiology. A juice cleanse opens all the pathways and flushes toxins out of the system. As these toxins follow the excretory pathways, antioxidants in the juices clean up things like free radicals, which can cause serious damage to cells. Since exercise also channels toxins through these same pathways, it helps accentuate the benefits of juicing. 

Assists in weight loss

Combining exercise with juicing is an obvious way to lose weight. This is simple mathematics. If you reduce your caloric intake and increase the amount of energy you expend by exercising, you will always have a net loss of calories, and this means weight loss. 

Weight loss with a juice cleanse comes in the form of calorie control. This happens in two ways. First, by maintaining a strict regimen of juices through a juice fast, you significantly reduce your calorie intake. Second, because juice cleanses necessarily mean keeping careful track of the types of juices and the quantities of juices you consume, it is relatively easy to calculate the exact number of calories you consume. 

Counting calories and the sources of calories is half the battle for weight loss. Perhaps most significant for weight loss, a juice cleanse can recalibrate your metabolic rate. This will lead to a long-term benefit of not retaining calories in ways that lead to weight gain. Increasing your metabolic rate by exercising accelerated these benefits. 

Help prevent chronic disease

The primary health benefit of a juice cleanse is the huge surge of antioxidants and fiber. Many antioxidants are bound up with fiber, which is then separated in the digestive system. All of the benefits of juicing for the prevention of chronic disease are also linked to exercise. A recent study demonstrated that all the benefits listed below are increased when you combine juicing with exercise.

High levels of juices can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Particularly, apple and pomegranate juices have been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels which leads to better heart health.  

A juice cleanse that includes vegetable juices is known to reduce the levels of a chemical called homocysteine. This is a marker of oxidative stress. By reducing the presence of this chemical and others like it, vegetable juices reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Healthy juice cleanse that includes a good mix of fruit and vegetable juices has also been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe an increase in polyphenols from juices inhibits the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Types of exercises that promote the flushing of toxins


Yoga works multiple areas of the body at once. This is one of its principal benefits. Yoga also works breathing capacity which is essential during a detox. Keep your yoga routine to low-impact stretches and poses. Pay attention to your body, and if you feel woozy or faint, go into the child’s pose to regain balance and breath. 

Foam rolling

This is ideal for working out during a detox diet. It involves stretching and rolling in ways that enhance blood circulation. This helps release toxins that have built up in muscles while it unlocks knots in muscle groups. Foam rolling will increase blood flow and keep muscles healthy while you rest them during the detox diet. 


We tend to forget about the benefits of a simple walk since we are so focused on exercise that gets results quickly. We have been led to believe that we need to seriously stress the body for something to count as exercise. A brisk walk increases blood flow and stretches out muscle groups in ways that are low-impact and will not over-tax your metabolism. 

Cycling and jogging

Some folks are simply not going to be content with all of these calm, low-impact workouts. You can continue cycling and jogging during a detox diet, but it is recommended that you up your protein intake if you are going to do this. There are modified detox diets that can accommodate more strenuous workouts during a detox. 

Does sweating play a major role in detoxing?

The two main physiological mechanisms for processing and eliminating toxins are the liver and the kidneys. The main function of these organ systems is to filter the blood and remove compounds that are toxic to the body. These toxins are ultimately eliminated through the excretory system. But one of the other primary pathways for eliminating toxins is also through sweat. 

When we sweat, we lose water, obviously, but we also shed several chemical compounds. Some chemical compounds in sweat include things like electrolytes, and this is why we need to keep replenishing these things when we exercise or are involved in physical work. But toxic compounds are also eliminated through sweat. 

By combining the powerful benefits of juicing with the natural elimination processes of exercise, we create the conditions for rapid and efficient toxic cleansing. 

Juicing and exercising tips

Much of what you need to think about with juicing and exercise is common sense. You do not want to begin training for a marathon while on a juice cleanse. But there are some simple tips to keep in mind. 

Avoid high-intensity workouts

While juicing, skip things like High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and long training sessions. These kinds of exercise regimens generally require special preparations anyway and juicing simply does not provide the calories and nutrition you need for these things. 

Stick o low-intensity workouts

Juice diets and juice cleanses are important to your health, but they are low-calorie and low-nutrient diets. Low-intensity workouts are ideal, especially if you are new to juicing. Exercises like yoga and pilates are ideal since these will help you work up a sweat without pushing yourself too far. 

Workout in the mornings

Throughout a juice cleanse, you will likely have the most energy in the mornings. Take advantage of this and exercise early in the day. This is also an ideal time to get your metabolism flowing to cleanse your body of toxins. 

Do not exercise on an empty stomach

Go ahead and get your juices going before you exercise. If you do not have sufficient energy from the juices, your workout will be ineffective both for staying fit and for eliminating toxicity. 

Drink plenty of water

Always stay hydrated. Whether you exercise while juicing or not, always drink plenty of water. Proper hydration is key to detox and fitness. 


Most people know to do stretches before exercising anyway, but we need to stress the importance of stretching. Proper stretching vastly reduces your risk of injuries from exercise, and it helps promote the natural physiological processes of toxin elimination. 


Juicing and exercise are great ways to stay fit and eliminate toxicity. You do not need to put yourself on an extreme fitness schedule while juicing and exercising. While doing both of these things, just enjoy the physical activity and know that the natural juices are doing your body good. 

Juicing and exercise FAQs

How does exercising while juicing help flush toxins? 

By combining exercise with a juice cleanse program, you can increase both the number of toxins you eliminate and the rate at which you expel these toxins from the body. At the most basic level, sweating is a form of toxin elimination. 

What are the benefits of juicing and exercising? 

Juicing and exercising help detoxify cells, help with weight loss, and can prevent many chronic diseases. 

What are some of the best exercises while juicing? 

The best exercises while juicing are generally low-impact exercises like yoga, pilates, and walking. 

What are some important tips for juicing and exercising? 

Always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, stretch before exercising, work out in the mornings, and just relax.   

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Both juicing and exercising are widely understood to provide numerous health benefits. Juicing provides sound nutrition and helps your body eliminate toxins. Exercise is simply a sound part of living a healthy life. When we combine juicing with exercise, we are just combining sound health practices toward greater benefit. 

We indeed need to take care when juicing and exercising. A juice diet or juice cleanse drastically reduces the number of nutrients we take in, and high-intensity exercise requires an increase in nutrients. But the correct exercises, like yoga or pilates, can increase the benefits of juicing. 

When relying on a sound juicing plant such as those with Spartan Detox, we can safely and effectively increase the benefits of juicing by exercising at the same time. By learning to balance the way we exercise by the kinds of juices we are consuming, we can easily benefit from both juicing and exercising at the same time. 


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