Pros and Cons of a Detox Diet

There are several reasons why some people take on a detox diet. For some, a detox diet helps with weight loss. Others take on a detox diet to help the body eliminate toxic substances that can build up in our modern diet. 

A detox diet makes sense considering so much of what we eat these days is simply unhealthy. Modern food processing often includes toxic ingredients. Added sugars, preservatives, and synthetic additives can lead to a toxic load in the body. The detox diet was created to handle these problems. 

There are plenty of programs designed to help you through a detox diet. But you should enter into a detox diet with the correct information. What are the advantages of a detox diet? What are the disadvantages? To achieve your goals from a detox diet, you need to be able to weigh the pros and cons of a detox diet. 

What is a detox diet?

A detox diet is most often a short-term dietary procedure designed to remove toxins from your diet and to assist your body in eliminating toxins from your body. 

Many detox diets include a period of fasting followed by a strict program of fruits and vegetables, juices from both fruits and vegetables, and water. Many detox diets also include teas, nut milk, and supplements designed to help natural processes like liver and excretory functions.  

There are a few detox diets and protocols that call for things like colon cleanses and enemas. 

The purposes of a detox diet are to remove toxins from the diet and the body and to stimulate natural physiological functions that cleanse the body. Specifically, a detox diet works to:

  • Give your organs a break.
  • Stimulate liver function. 
  • Facilitate elimination through urine, feces, and sweat. 
  • Improve circulation
  • Boost nutrients in your body. 

Keep in mind that many things we eat that are meant to be healthy may still contain toxins that accumulate over time. Even if you maintain a healthy diet you still can benefit from a detox diet. 

Some of the benefits of a detox diet include improved digestion, alleviate inflammation, and may protect against many serious chronic diseases. 

Pros of a detox diet

The pros of a detox diet lie in the many benefits you can derive from a detox diet. The reason detox diets have grown in popularity is because they provide some serious health benefits. The pros of a detox diet include: 

Digestive Health

Everything we eat has an impact on our digestive system. When we are consuming toxic and harmful chemicals, our digestive system is perhaps the first thing to suffer.  Detox diet cleanses the digestive system while providing foods that are simple in molecular structure and therefore easy to breakdown. The benefits of digestion are two-fold: the system gets a rest, and the processes it needs to perform are vastly simplified. 

Control Cravings

We see above that a detox diet can help you lose weight. In addition to the weight loss, a detox diet can help you stay fit by controlling cravings. By relying largely on the liquids that characterize much of a detox diet, your body becomes accustomed to lower intake and slower easier metabolic load. Over time, your cravings for foods will decrease.

Increased Energy

The toxins we take in every day create a burden for your liver. With the liver working too hard you will begin to feel fatigued. By decreasing the toxins you take in and simultaneously cleaning your body of built-up toxins, the liver begins to work more efficiently and this is passed on to your entire body in the form of more energy. 

Improved Mental Health

Hormones are involved with all physiological functions. One of the primary ways hormones are regulated in our bodies is through our diet. One hormone specifically associated with stress is cortisol which increases our stress levels. A detox diet reduces the stress load on the liver which in turn allows the liver to process and eliminate cortisol. The net benefit is decreased stress and a profound decrease in the physiological effects of stress. What is more, the more egregious toxins like alcohol and caffeine are linked to things like fatigue and poor sleeping patterns. These hurt our mental health. By eliminating these things through a detox diet and giving your body the added boost you need to process these toxins in the body, you will experience better sleep, more energy, and an overall better emotional state. 

Cons of a detox diet

Like anything else, detox diets have their disadvantages. Given that a detox diet is by nature an extreme form of dieting, there are some things you should consider before taking on a detox diet. The cons of a detox diet include:

Highly restrictive

A detox diet is classified as a highly restrictive diet. Compared to a diet that is designed to reduce calories or eliminate carbs, to cite just two examples, a detox diet reduces or eliminates everything you ordinarily eat. 

Many detox diet plans restrict your intake of liquids for as many as five days. This means you will not eat anything of substance. These diets generally allow certain types of vegetable juice and broth, but by and large, the very nature of a detox diet involves a strict reduction in the kinds of things you can eat and drink. This can be difficult for many people. 

The vast reduction in caloric intake for a detox diet can be hard on you. Feeling hungry and the kinds of physical symptoms that can come with hunger can make a detox diet uncomfortable. Most people report that these feelings and symptoms pass within a day or two, but certainly, the initial shock of a highly restrictive diet may be difficult. 

See-saw effect

Since a detox diet is so restrictive, there is the danger of binge eating after, or at some point during, a detox diet. This is the see-saw effect in which the extreme hunger that can accompany a detox diet leads you to binge-eat, often on foods that are unhealthy. This kind of binge eating not only negates the benefits of a detox diet but can also lead you to increase your toxic load over and above what you were working within in the first place. 

The see-saw effect is particularly problematic for people who take on a detox diet to lose weight. If you are overweight or obese, the see-saw effect that may come with a detox diet will set you back on your weight loss goals. This can be dangerous particularly for people who are obese. 

Health concerns

Because detox diets are so restrictive by their very nature, there is always a risk of certain health problems. These health risks are of particular concern for people who already have health problems as a result of being overweight or obese.

People with diabetes or kidney disease may risk serious health complications from a detox diet. The extremely low caloric intake can complicate these problems and lead to serious health risks. If you live with these conditions, consult your doctor before taking on a detox diet. 

Other health problems that can arise from a detox diet have more to do with detox diets that are not safe in the first place. Some detox programs insist that you consume vegetable and fruit juices that are not properly handled. These can lead to bacterial infections that can be serious. Always include reputable juices and other supplements when taking on a detox diet.  


Fatigue is a common complaint from people who are on a detox diet. Low-calorie intake and low carbohydrate levels contribute to these feelings of being tired and fatigued. Always plan to take it easy during a detox diet. 

Restrict or eliminate exercise during a detox diet. Do not take on high-intensity workouts during a detox diet. If you regularly engage in high-intensity workouts, you should plan on taking a break during your detox diet.  

How to do a detox diet

The first step for a detox diet is to remove the sources of toxins. Begin by cutting out things like caffeine, alcohol, and certainly nicotine. These are the chief toxins people typically consume and the cumulative effects of these chemicals are dangerous.

The next step for any detox regimen is to focus on whole organic foods. For many people, this may be the most important gift you can give your body. Eliminate all processed foods, especially things like processed sugars. 

Other simple detox tips include beginning your day with something as simple as lemon juice. Simple lemon water can flush your system, and lemon also contains electrolytes in the forms of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Lemon also helps your liver produce enzymes that aid digestion and break down toxins. Plus, the vitamin C in the lemon is a powerful antioxidant that will absorb and neutralize dangerous free radicals. 

Some detox teas are widely available. Dandelion and Milk Thistle teas cut down on the buildup of toxins. These teas also contain ingredients that stimulate the repair of liver cell tissue. Avoid teas that claim to be “detox” teas since many of these products contain things like appetite suppressants which can be yet another source of toxicity. 

Beyond these simple remedies, a comprehensive detox diet that sets out a program for meal plans is the most effective way of detoxing. These diets will require serious research and planning. 

How long should a detox diet be?

The length of a detox diet depends largely on your specific goals and needs. Depending on why you are doing a detox diet, you can do a detox diet for as little as 24 hours and up to seven days. 

Some detox diet plans extend as long as 30 days, but these are highly involved and long-term regimens that require the assistance of a qualified nutrition expert. 

Most detox diets are 3 days or 7 days. The point is to extend your detox for just the right amount of time to allow your body to both eliminate the toxins and to give your organ system time to recharge its abilities to eliminate toxins. 

For general toxicity, a 3-day detox diet is probably sufficient. If you feel you have been living with an especially high toxic load, you may want to do a 7-day detox diet. A 7-day detox diet may also be best for people who need or want to kick-start a serious weight-loss program. 

Spartan Detox Detox Plans

The best detox diet plan available is the Spartan Detox Plan. Spartan offers several plans designed to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to bolster your immune system, Spartan Detox provides plans that include juices and smoothies that will help you meet your goals. 

Spartan Detox Plans are made from natural juices and smoothies are prepared every day using the best quality fruits outdoors offering an exceptional taste and drink experience that will help your body feel energetic. 

Spartan Detox also provides support through your detox programs. 


We have seen an increase in awareness of the kinds of foods we eat. Our modern world offers all kinds of things that are easy but not necessarily healthy. One of the major problems with many of the things we eat today is that they are loaded with toxic ingredients. 

From added sugars to processed oils and fats, our foods have become major sources of toxicity to our bodies. Given this, it simply makes sense to detox your body from time to time. A detox diet can give your body a break and allow your organ systems to function at optimum levels.

A sound and healthy detox diet will provide your body with a wealth of benefits. However, like anything else that constitutes a major change, there are some drawbacks to detox diets. A detox diet is by nature an extreme diet and can leave you feeling tired and hungry. 

The most important things to consider when undergoing a detox diet is to listen to your body and to use a detox diet system that provides maximum nutrition and benefit. 


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