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Life changing

I was skeptical at first like most I’m sure. But after doing the 3 day detox and losing nearly 10 pounds with out working out I felt great. I was never hungry the way I thought I’d be. And after each juice I would have a burst of energy. I haven’t felt this great and healthy in a really long time.

Enamorada 🤩

Me encanto, cada día de traen los jugos son delicioso no te da hambre, y sobre todo la calidad se siente su fibra… les doy más de 5 ⭐️

Ivonne Navarro

Very filling and a tasty dressing


I tried the (1) day detox system and it is awesome. I feel so light and clean. I highly recommend for jump start. I will definitely be ordering soon.

Ivonne Navarro
Super delicious!

Right size ! perfect flavor combination !

Karla Anon-Casabone
A week later

A 3 day detox has changed a LOT for me, my skin, my hair, my attitude!! We definitely are what we eat. I plan on doing this every couple of months to keep my system in check. I lost 10lbs and was a great kickstart to my healthy eating habits!

16oz Celery Juice
Ivonne Navarro
Love it !

I really enjoyed this juice 😋
I'm accustomed to the flavor of the smoothies which are delicious! So I was a little surprised to find that this one taste really good!

A new fan

I truly loved the process. The smoothies were very filling, the flavors were great and the results even better. I never felt hungry, I had lots of energy and slept everyday like a baby.

I actually like all the flavors they are good especially the beet. Will order again.

5-Pack Power Shot
Khloe Garcia
Wow !

This shot in the morning is everything, gives me the ultimate boost & taste great. Definitely a must, TRY IT !

3-day detox

The smoothies are very nice and text good. Lost 6 pounds, thought I would lose more. I never had a diarrhea, I only urinated more frequently. Was expecting to have regular bowel movement but it didn’t happen, I guess that is the reason I didn’t lose a lot of weight!! Lol
Over all is a good detox

5-Pack Power Shot
Jesse Lima

Best detox by far!!!!!

Great results

My body feels great, i used to have a really bad pain since I easily get kidneys infection and in those 3 days all that went away. Feel more energetic and loose around 8 pounds in that rime period. I loved the detox, they juices are delicious and definitely will do it again.

Yummy Results

The Helen juice was my absolute favorite from my 3 day cleanse and they’re absolutely right the fibers that are in the smoothies make fasting a whole lot easier I lost 8lbs in 3 days and got rid of a lot of waste (tmi I know) but that was exactly what I wanted especially after the thanksgiving holiday. I will definitely be doing a 3 day fast every 4 months this is exactly what my body needed!

3 day detox

The juices were great. I lost a total of 9 lbs.

Spartan fan

Absolutely loved the product. Felt refreshed and appreciated the personal touch of communication

Great Service/ even better product

Raul and team are top notch, from the moment I placed the order all the way through my 4 day detox. I lost 10 pounds and will be ordering again.

Thanks Raul!

Margarita Serrano

Great product


Spartan Detox exceeded my expectations and left me feeling brand new. I was totally skeptical about doing a detox in general, but I never felt hungry during my two day detox. I was full of energy and satisfied.

Elias 10oz Single Juice
Lissette McCallum

Elias 10oz Single Juice

Definitely Worth all my coins

Thanks for everything I definitely didn’t believe in the product simply because I’ve gone through so many. I was surprised I wasn’t starving after the first day. Don’t get me wrong I was was hungry but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. In the end I lost 9lbs. The Taste was great. Keep going ... I’ll definitely recommend to all my friends

Tienes que tratarlo!!!!

Perdi 6 libras en 2 dias. Me encanto!!!!

It was great. Highly recommend