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LGood morning 🙏
Just passing by to say Thank you do much , my 3 days detox was awesome ❤️ and cant wait for next one

Hi! I wanted to update you. Today is the beginning of day 5, I went from 155 to 147 so far! Also- I wasn't expecting them to taste this good!! Every time I've wanted to cheat I just think about how im actually cheating myself. 😅 Thank you again for everything!!

Thank you! This is awesome. I didn't think I would be able to do this

-6lbs in 3 days and I feel 100% better and lighter. I am ready to go for another round


Hey dear! Just wanted to let you know I finished my week detox and I can breathe again!!! I was at 205 (too embarrassed to even think that let alone take a picture) now I’m at 189. Did the week detox with orange theory workouts and my peloton and my energy levels sustained it all!! Thanks for helping me get back into the groove of things!!! Many blessings to you and the family! 🙏🏾

I feel really good! Definitely see a change in my energy and sleep … no inflammation which is a huge one for me … I will say though that I have had a serving of cooked vegetables at lunch time bc I was just really hungry and light headed… but have stuck to the juices and nothing else but that… I guess my body just needed to feel something solid and then I feel better after and can finish strong through the day

Thank you so much this fast was exactly what I needed to kickstart my mind body and spirit towards the new year I always like to get out ahead of what I expect to be amazing and that’s exactly what I did. Thank you for your consistency in encouragement. You are much appreciated now that I am renewed I will go forward and continue to care about what I feed my machine my body my temple my avatar etc. thanks again I love how I feel and that is my only measurement of SUCCESS needed‼️🙌🏽💯❤️

Awesome went down 6.5 dropped my BPI to 23... feeling great.

Tomas R Diaz

I feel great. My family and I will be life long customers. My wife introduced us to the detox when you guys were in the styrofoam cups. Keep up the good work. I plan on doing at least the 3 day every 4 or 6 months. Keep up the good work! 💪🏽🙏🏽👏🏽

Jenifer Ramos cardozo

The detox was the best
Thanks 🙏

Raul, this was a huge experience for me. This was very much needed physically and mentally. Thank you again for the motivation throughout the process. The smoothies were delicious and the service was awesome. Thank you 🙏 I’ll be doing this again for sure!

Hi Raul

Traci Cole was suggested I try this and sent me the link to the Detox Smoothies. I’m so glad she did.

This is the top of day 4 of my 4-day smoothie detox and I’ve already lost 10 lbs. I feel great. Apparently, my body had a lot of detoxing to do 😳. It wasn’t hard. The smoothies are delicious and I wasn’t hungry. In fact, I felt full most of the time. The hardest part was convincing my mind i didn’t need to eat and that didn’t take much effort.

My next move on this journey is intermittent fasting. How can I incorporate the smoothies or juices. How long will they last in the fridge? Any other tips?

Barbie Toledo

Thanks Raul. I feel great.  I’m 52 and haven’t done anything like this in years. It was pretty easy. And just kickstart I needed. Also the delivery was perfect. Right on time at my door with a follow up text.

Dave Gossett

Good morning. We've completed the 3-detox and it was a great experience. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and resource with others!


I needed this change because my husband and I are trying for kids and my health hasn’t been the greatest due to my diet with thyroid and liver issues and I needed to make this change yes or yes and I feel so much better after doing this detox I really wish I could be on it all the time I loved it I cant thank you guys enough for doing what you do! Thank you so much 😊

Hi, yes I sent two bags with your driver on Wednesday. I have 4 bags left. I lost 7ish pounds in that 3 day detox. I feel great, thanks so much. I will definitely be a repeat customer in the future.

Dulce M. Rodriguez

♥️ I have always loved that passion you and your family have put into your company and family from the beginning. That's why my family and I have stuck by your said from the beginning (styrofoam cups lol)! Never stop fighting! Never give up! Our promise to ourselves, each other and our families! 💪🏼 🙏

Hey Raul
Thank you so much for all your motivation and support. I will definitely recommend and use this product again.


Hello! I definitely will be purchasing from you guys again! I feel incredible 👏🏻

Best detox ever!

Well let me start off by saying thank you! Thank you for creating this program! Ive always been skeptical about trying a juice cleanse because I thought I was not going to make it throughout the day but boy was I wrong. I did the 3 day cleanse and lost 5 lbs and look at my belly 🤩 just wow! I feel great! I didn’t feel hungry at all, the juices tastes delicious. There was no anxious eating, I wasn’t thinking about food at all. I was completely satisfied with the juices. So i definitely will be coming back for more! With that being said, how often do you recommend a detox?

Vanessa Perez

8lbs down feeling fabulous thank you we will definitely be using your products again!! Your daily motivation txts are definitely the icing on the cake🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Hola Raul. Reciente hice una orden y quería que me hicieran el delivery todos los días juntos por la razón de que no es la primera vez que ordenó con ustedes y debido a donde vivo y la ruta que sigue el chófer casi siempre me tocaba el delivery bien tarde. Bueno ayer hable con su equipo para que me hicieran el envío junto, por cuestiones de producción la muchacha me dijo que si me podía dividir la orden. Yo le pedí de favor que si me la podian mandar temprano, pues es la unica razón por la que la pido junta.
Mi delivery de ayer y hoy llego antes de las 7.20 de la noche
Quería agradecerle a sus equipo por su gran trabajo
Y manténganse así que como Sparndetox no hay otro afuera!!!!!!!
Bendiciones para usted, su familia y su equipo
Mucha suerte

Nory Falcon

I lost 7lbs in 2days! My partner lost 10!! Thank you! We feel amazing. Can’t wait to try the 3day!


Hey Raul, the juices were really good, not going to lie, this is more mental that anything else, it's about mental power, 100% recommended, today when I weighed my self I was 9 pounds less, holy shit was my first word of the day when I saw the scale.

Loved the 3 day detox

Loved the detox smoothies ….Tasted delicious. Will definitely recommend to my family and friends . Anyone reading this ..try them out . You’ll be 100% satisfied .

It was really good !
Juices were delicious and very helpful.
I really enjoyed it . Thank you will definitely see me back