A guide to reset your body: Choosing how long you detox cleanse for

Feeling sluggish and lacking energy can be signs that your body needs a detox cleanse. When toxins build up in our bodies, we begin to lose our ability to maintain normal activities. The drain on things like the liver and kidneys can be manifested as a lack of energy, and the first order to reset your body is with a detox cleanse. 

A detox cleanse rids the body of toxins and restarts the natural systems of elimination. Whether from eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise, or the simple build-up of toxicity from environmental toxins, toxicity can get beyond your natural ability to handle it. This is where a detox cleanse comes in. 

The liver and kidneys are our primary organ systems for processing toxicity in our bodies. These organ systems work to pull toxic substances from the bloodstream and eliminate them. However, the modern world is laden with toxic substances, and these things can begin to concentrate in the body to a point where normal organ systems require help. A detox cleanse can help flush these substances from the body and restore normal organ function. 

What is the importance of a detox cleanse? What are the health benefits of detox cleanse? And how do you go about a detox cleanse? This guide will help you through the process of a detox cleanse and help you reset your body. 

Importance of a detox cleanse

Over time, and for several reasons, toxins can build up in the body. The accumulation of toxins can lead to several overt problems. Chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and several conditions associated with inflammation are often the result of the build-up of toxins in the body. All of these conditions can be symptoms of other underlying problems which could lead to more serious things. 

The primary systems that remove toxins from the body are the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. When these organ systems are working properly, they can handle the toxicity that comes into the body. But over time, the toxic load can become too heavy for these natural systems to bear. When this happens, not only do toxins begin to accumulate the organ systems themselves begin to work less efficiently. 

A detox cleanse accomplishes two things. It helps eliminate the toxic build-up in the body. A detox cleanse also alleviates the stress on the natural systems that remove toxins from the body. You clean out your system and you give your organ systems designed to eliminate toxins a much-needed break. 

Toxins can come from several sources. The food we eat can be seriously toxic. Certainly, things like fast food and highly processed foods are obvious problems. But the modern world has brought us toxicity in our foods even in places we may not expect it. Many things like flour and meats are filled with toxic chemicals due to the modern methods of processing these foods. 

Environmental toxins are another main culprit for toxicity in the body. It should come as no surprise to anyone that water and air are contaminated with toxic chemicals. For most of us, our bodies process these toxins quite well. But in time, the toxic load can become too great and we need to intervene in the form of a detox cleanse. 

Also, consider that many of the chemicals we use in our homes and on our bodies produce toxicity. Cleaning products and even soaps and body products often contain low levels of toxic compounds. These too accumulate in and on the body over time. A detox cleanse can help eliminate these kinds of toxins as well. 

Finally, things like stress and anxiety, conditions that are all too common in our modern world, can produce toxins from within the body itself. Prolonged stress and anxiety can lead to conditions such as adrenal fatigue. The overall buildup of stress hormones can lead to the collection of symptoms often referred to as adrenal fatigue. A detox cleanse can remove these excess internal toxins and restore energy levels and reduce the inflammation that can come with adrenal fatigue. 

Health benefits of a detox cleanse

The nutrition and boosts to immunity are immediate and obvious benefits to a detox cleanse. However, there are more benefits than the obvious. Some of the primary benefits of a detox cleanse include:

Detoxifies cells and tissues

Because the detox cleanse increases key nutrients and things such as antioxidants while simultaneously depriving the body of chemicals that are damaging, the process of a juice cleanse opens channels of detoxification. 

There are four principal excretory routes in the body: the skin, bowels, liver, and kidneys all play crucial roles in removing toxins from our physiology. A detox cleanse opens all of the pathways and flushes toxins out of the system. As these toxins follow the excretory pathways, antioxidants in the juices clean up things like free radicals which can cause serious damage to cells. 

Assists in weight loss

Weight loss with a detox cleanse comes in the form of calorie control. This happens in two ways. First, by maintaining a strict regimen of juices through a juice fast you significantly reduce your calorie intake. Second, because a detox cleanse necessarily means keeping careful track of the types of juices and the quantities of juices you consume, it is relatively easy to calculate the exact number of calories you consume. Counting calories and the sources of calories is half the battle for weight loss. Perhaps most significant for weight loss, a juice cleanse can recalibrate your metabolic rate. This will lead to a long-term benefit of not retaining calories in ways that lead to weight gain. 

Help prevent chronic disease

The primary health benefit of a detox cleanse is the huge surge of antioxidants and fiber. Many antioxidants are bound up with fiber which is then separated in the digestive system.

High levels of juices can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Particularly, apple and pomegranate juices have been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels which leads to better heart health.  

A detox cleanse that includes vegetable juices is known to reduce the levels of a chemical called homocysteine. This is a marker of oxidative stress. By reducing the presence of this chemical and others like it, vegetable juices reduce the risk of heart disease. 

A healthy detox cleanse that includes a good mix of fruit and vegetable juices has also been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe an increase in polyphenols from juices inhibits the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease. 

How to do a detox cleanse

The recommended method for a detox cleanse is to drink nothing but juices and smoothies for a period of three days. In general, a juice cleanse follows three stages:


Three to five days before the cleanse period, gradually eliminate all sources of toxins in your diet and lifestyle. This means cutting down and stopping certain foods like coffee, refined sugar, meat, dairy, and wheat. You will also need to stop all alcohol intake and stop smoking. This phase should be accompanied by an increase in things like fresh vegetables, fruits, and fluids that will work as a pre-cleanse.

Cleanse or detox stage

For the period of the detox or cleanse you should drink a minimum of 32 ounces of juice or smoothies. About half of this should be green vegetable juices. 


After the detox period (usually three days) your digestive system will be sensitive. Eat light, adding foods over the curse of several days. Do not go directly back to eating your 

A detox cleanse is designed to improve your health, but it is possible that you will not feel all that well while you are going through the fast. Some things to keep in mind while doing a juice fast:

  • Keep your physical activity: Walking is ideal since it increases circulation which will improve lymphatic function to help clean toxins from your body. Breaking a sweat can be part of your detox cleanse. 
  • Get a massage: Massage therapy of any kind will work to push toxins out. Lymphatic draining and deep massage are ideal. 
  • Take care of mind/body wellness. Keeping your mental well-being in line with your physical well-being is crucial. Relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, and breathing exercises will help tune the mind in with the physical boosts of a juice fast. 
  • Be aware of your emotions: In many traditional forms of medicine, the liver and kidneys are connected to feelings of anger and fear. You may feel mood swings during and immediately following a juice fast. These are normal and can be managed if you are aware of what is happening. 

A detox cleanse is meant to cleanse the body, but any intervention of this type will impact your total state of well-being. Be aware of things, and stick to the guidelines above, and you will see the benefits of the juice fast without falling prey to some of the short-term difficulties.  

Types of detox cleanse

The question then comes down to how long should you adhere to a detox cleanse? The length of your detox cleanse depends on several factors. First, each of our bodies is different and we all have different histories when it comes to the types of impurities and toxins we ingest. You need to honestly evaluate your eating history and understand just how much of a break you need to give your body and how long you may require the infusion of healthy vitamins and minerals. That said, there are some simple guidelines to think about. 

1 Day Detox Cleanse

The 1-day detox cleanse is great for two purposes. It is the best way to introduce yourself to the process of the juice cleanse since it is not too demanding. And for those who are experienced with juice cleanses, the 1-day juice cleanse is a fine maintenance regimen to continually restore balance and health.  

2-3 Day Detox Cleanse

A 2-3 day detox cleanse is the most common length of time for this process. 2-3 days is about ideal for eliminating most toxins. The 2-3 day window will bolster your immune system, stimulate weight loss, clear out gastrointestinal imbalances, and even clear up your skin. 

4-5 Day Detox Cleanse

4- 5 days places you in the level of a controlled fast. The primary purpose of this length of time for a juice cleanse is to relieve stress and strain on the liver and kidneys and restore proper function. You will need to diligently monitor your calories from juices as well as the level of nutrients and vitamins you take in in order to properly maintain your health. 

6-7 Day Detox Cleanse

Extending your detox cleanse to 6-7 days is recommended for people who have a high-stress lifestyle. One that may include eating too much fast food, alcohol, smoking, or other activities that bring in large amounts of toxicity into the body. Pushing the juice cleanse for as long as 7 days allows your body time to flush out the worst of the toxins. A cleanse of this kind and length can lay the groundwork for permanently eliminating things like smoking and consuming fast food. 

Detox cleanse FAQs

What is a detox cleanse?

A detox cleanse rids the body of toxins and restarts the natural systems of elimination. Whether from eating the wrong foods, lack of exercise, or the simple build-up of toxicity from environmental toxins, toxicity can get beyond your natural ability to handle it. This is where a detox cleanse comes in. 

What is the importance of a detox cleanse?

Because our diets and our environment can be sources of so much toxicity, the body’s natural systems of elimination can get stressed. A detox cleanse provides relief for this problem. 

What are the benefits of a detox cleanse? 

A detox cleanse can detoxify cells and organ systems, it can prevent disease, and it can help you lose weight. 

Best detox cleanse (Spartan Detox plans)

The best juice cleanse plan available is the Spartan Detox Plan. Spartan offers several plans designed to meet your specific needs. Whether your goal is to lose weight or to boost your immune system, Spartan Detox provides plans that include juices and smoothies that will help you meet your goals. 

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Healthy detox cleanses have become a common part of health and fitness. Eating right, taking the current supplements, and going through a good juice cleanse are all-natural features of health and fitness plans. 

Taking care to make sure you are doing a detox cleanse long enough to achieve your health goals is something many of us ask about. How do we balance the need to detox and restore natural balance against the basic nutritional needs of our bodies?

Much of what we need to know about how long to do a detox cleanse can be answered by listening to our bodies. When doing a detox cleanse, simply pay attention to how you respond to the decrease in proteins and other nutrients versus how the cleaning process is working. 

Beyond listening to our bodies, this guide should help you determine the best detox cleanse program for you. If you simply need to reset your metabolism, a shorter cleanse may be all you need. If you are living with a high toxic load, you may require a longer detox cleanse.


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