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Different Ways On How to Detox Your Body at Home

Different Ways On How to Detox Your Body at Home

Doing a healthy detox is one of the best ways to get yourself back on track toward good health and proper metabolic functioning. It is something of a given in this day and age that the levels of toxicity in our environment and in our food begin to take a toll on our bodies. How to detox your body at home becomes an important thing to include in your health routines. 

The foundation for how to detox your body at home begins with some simple and sound principles of nutrition. A detox is based on two complementary processes: you remove all toxic compounds from your diet, and you work with a diet of strict nutrition that helps eliminate toxins from your body. 

While the science of how to detox your body at home can get complicated, the process of how to detox your body at home is fairly simple and straightforward. Fresh juices and smoothies that contain high concentrations of nutrients help your body’s natural mechanisms eliminate toxicity while they support your basic nutrition needs during the detox. 

This guide will offer you the basics of how to detox your body at home. We will explain the elements of a detox. And this guide will explain some of the major benefits of a detox so you can learn how to detox your body at home. 

What is detox?

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A detox diet is most often a short-term dietary procedure designed to remove toxins from your diet and to assist your body in eliminating toxins from your body. 

Many detox diets include a period of fasting followed by a strict program of fruits and vegetables, juices from both fruits and vegetables, and water. Many detox diets also include teas, nut milks, and supplements designed to help natural processes like liver and excretory functions.  

There are a few detox diets and protocols that call for things like colon cleanses and enemas. 

The purposes of a detox diet are to remove toxins from the diet and the body and to stimulate natural physiological functions that cleanse the body. Specifically, a detox diet works to:

  • Give your organs a break.
  • Stimulate liver function. 
  • Facilitate elimination through urine, feces, and sweat. 
  • Improve circulation
  • Boost nutrients in your body. 

Keep in mind that many things we eat that are meant to be healthy may still contain toxins that accumulate over time. Even if you maintain a healthy diet you still can benefit from a detox diet. 

Some of the benefits of a detox diet include improved digestion, alleviating inflammation, and may protect against many serious chronic diseases. 

What happens in my body when I do a Detox?

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A detox diet will necessarily remove toxic substances from your diet, but it will also allow your natural organ systems to cleanse and eliminate toxic substances that have accumulated. A detox diet allows your liver, kidneys, and immune system to do the work they are made to do without the added stress of things like toxic food additives, free radicals that cause oxidative stress, and excess sugars and fats. 

The most important thing that happens in your body is that your liver and kidneys will return to working efficiently. When our bodies are exposed to a relatively constant flow of toxicity, the liver and kidneys can become over-taxed and not work as efficiently as they ordinarily can. When we enter into a detox diet, the functioning of these organ systems returns to normal and begin to cleanse the blood system of a toxic substance. 

You may experience a slight increase of negative symptoms at the beginning of your detox diet. This is due to the fact that your body is working to eliminate things. This is sometimes referred to as the healing reaction. Just know this is temporary and will abate in a short time. 

Another common thing that happens in your body during a detox is sugar withdrawal. This is especially true if you tend to eat a lot of sugary snacks and treats. Your body will go through an insulin spike if you are going through sugar withdrawal. This can lead to mood swings and a lack of energy. This too is quite temporary and will pass quickly. 

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It is also possible that you will experience symptoms associated with caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine constricts blood vessels in your brain and therefore reduces blood flow. When you reduce your caffeine intake, you're increasing the blood flow to your brain which makes your pain receptors more sensitive and causes the classic 'caffeine headache' you experience. 

All of the effects described above are actually good things in the long run. Though you may experience some discomfort from reducing your caffeine and sugar, you will gain energy and strength by detoxing from these common compounds. The process of re-setting your natural systems can be uncomfortable, but the longer impact is feeling far better than you ever have before. 

Detoxification Benefits

There are numerous benefits of a detox diet. Since our diets impact virtually every aspect of our bodies, including our minds, a detox diet stands to benefit the entire body and mind. Some of the principal benefits of a detox diet include:

Digestive Health

Everything we eat has an impact on our digestive system. When we are consuming toxic and harmful chemicals, our digestive system is perhaps the first thing to suffer.  Detox diet cleanses the digestive system while providing foods that are simple in molecular structure and therefore easy to break down. The benefits to digestion a two-fold: the system gets a rest, and the processes it needs to perform are vastly simplified. 

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Control Cravings

We see above that a detox diet can help you lose weight. In addition to weight loss, a detox diet can help you stay fit by controlling cravings. By relying largely on the liquids that characterize much of a detox diet, your body becomes accustomed to lower intake and slower easier metabolic load. Over time, your cravings for foods will decrease.

Increased Energy

The toxins we take in every day create a burden for your liver. With the liver working too hard you will begin to feel fatigued. By decreasing the toxins you take in and simultaneously cleaning your body of built-up toxins, the liver begins to work more efficiently and this is passed on to your entire body in the form of more energy. 

Improved Mental Health

Hormones are involved in all physiological functions. One of the primary ways hormones are regulated in our bodies is through our diet. One hormone specifically associated with stress is cortisol which increases with our stress levels. A detox diet reduces the stress load on the liver which in turn allows the liver to process and eliminate cortisol. The net benefit is decreased stress and a profound decrease in the physiological effects of stress.  What is more, the more egregious toxins like alcohol and caffeine are linked to things like fatigue and poor sleeping patterns. These have a negative effect on our mental health. By eliminating these things through a detox diet and giving your body the added boost you need to process these toxins in the body, you will experience better sleep, more energy, and an overall better emotional state. 

Ways to detox my body naturally at home

There are some highly effective detox plans you can buy that will provide you with a full regimen of detox juices and smoothies and will provide a full range of nutrition. We will get to these below. But there are a few simple things you can do to detox at home. Here are some easy tips for starting a home detox:

  • Drink warm water with squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning. Adding lemon to water accomplishes a few things. First, the added vitamin C is great for healing your body from the impact of toxicity. Second, vitamin C in lemons is one of the most powerful antioxidants you can get. This helps reduce oxidative stress and begin the process of repairing cell damage from free radicals.  
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  • Drink lots of water. Always drink plenty of water on any detox plan. You must continue to stay properly hydrated, and water is the primary agent for flushing out your body. 
  • Replace caffeinated drinks with green tea. Green tea is a natural detox drink. Caffeine, however much we may love it, is a toxin. Caffeine in moderate amounts is not bad for you. But when you need to really cleanse your body of toxins, you need to also get rid of the daily toxins you ingest. Caffeine is a primary culprit. Green tea, on the other hand, provides powerful antioxidants that repair cells and may provide protection against a range of chronic health problems. 
  • Get a lot of sleep. Sleep is the great healer of the body. A lack of proper sleep makes it more difficult for all of your natural metabolic systems to function correctly. Proper sleep allows your brain to restore itself. This can protect against neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Poor sleep has been linked to short- and long-term health consequences, such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. 
  • Don't forget to include probiotics in your daily intake. One of the primary problems that result from the build-up of toxicity in the body is an increase in bad bacteria in the gut. Our intestinal system requires the presence of certain bacteria to complete the digestive process. When our gut bacteria become imbalanced with the presence of bacteria that should not be there, we can experience a host of physical problems. Probiotic foods can restore the health of your gut. By maintaining a healthy digestive and elimination system, we can easily and effectively eliminate toxic substances and restore good health

Spartan Detox Plans

Spartan Detox plans offer everything you need for a healthy and effective detox. You have the choice between a 3-day or 7-day detox. These options allow you to address your specific needs and issues. 

Spartan Detox plans include delicious fresh juices that are formulated to provide maximum detox and nutrition. The dual purpose of these juices and smoothies is to facilitate the elimination of toxins from your body and to provide a serious nutritional boost during your detox. 

By relying on a Spartan Detox plan, you can be sure that you not only get a safe, effective, and healthy detox program, you also maintain your health during your detox in the best possible ways. 

Each of the juices and smoothies from Spartan Detox is formulated to provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that cleanse and protect the body from the level of the cells to the organ systems. 

In addition to juices and smoothies, Spartan Detox now offers a range of vitamin and mineral supplements to accentuate your detox and health goals. 


We live in an age in which toxic substances pollute our air, water, and even the food we eat. The kinds of additives and processing materials that go into food production can introduce toxic substances into your diet. This is why we need to be vigilant about taking care of toxicity with regard to our health and wellness. 

It simply makes sense to go through some form of detox program every now and again. You can do a detox diet at home with some simple things. Drinking plenty of water, adding lemon juice to your water, and replacing coffee with green tea are great ways to get the detox process going. Each of these things will help your natural physiological systems to flush and eliminate toxins from your body. 

The fact is, things like free radicals in our food are leading causes of chronic and serious illnesses like cancer. By detoxing and providing things like antioxidants, you greatly reduce your risk of these chronic illnesses. 

In addition to simple detox ideas you can do at home, you can also take on a sound and healthy detox program from Spartan Detox. These juices, smoothies, and vitamin supplements offer you real detox programs and support your health during the detox diet.