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Essentials of a Healthy Cleanse

Essentials of a Healthy Cleanse

A healthy juice cleanse can eliminate toxins that can build up in your body over time. While reducing or eliminating toxins, a healthy juice cleanse also replenishes vitamins and minerals that can help restore liver and kidney function. 

The rising popularity of a healthy juice cleanse is due to some sound reasons. Even people who are careful about eating the right foods and getting enough exercise are prone to exposure to dietary and environmental toxins. A healthy juice cleanse can help with this. 

The fact is our modern world is loaded with toxins. Many of the foods we eat—even some of the healthy foods—contain additives that are toxic in our bodies. It is important to take time and address these toxins. This is the justification for a healthy cleanse. 

To do a juice cleanse properly, you need to do some planning to make certain you are getting the proper nutrients. There is a little more to healthy juice cleanse than simply drinking juices for a set period. This guide will give you the information you need to properly treat yourself to a healthy cleanse. 

What is a healthy cleanse?

A cleanse is simply a restricted diet and program of eating and exercise designed to reduce or eliminate the toxins and impurities that may have built up in your body. The theory behind a cleanse is that some toxins found in foods we eat, and in the environment, can accumulate in the body over time. A cleanse is designed to restrict your diet in such a way as to allow natural systems like the colon, liver, and kidneys to completely eliminate these toxins. 

Cleanse can come in different forms. Some cleanses are highly restrictive, whereas others simply eliminate targeted areas of the diet. A healthy cleanse can range from a diet of nothing but fresh juices to one that is focused on removing specific parts of your diet. 

Examples of a healthy cleanse include:

Juice cleanse

A diet of fresh fruit and vegetable juices for a specific period will allow your body a complete rest from all dietary toxins. Some juice cleanses will allow vegetable-based liquids in the form of broths and soups. A juice cleanse can last anywhere from 24 hours to as long as 7 days (juice cleanses normally do not last for more than a week). The idea of a juice cleanse is to restrict your diet to a minimum of basic vitamins and minerals to allow your body to completely flush all dietary and environmental toxins.     

Colon cleanse

Since so many of the dietary toxins we ingest accumulate in the colon, a colon cleanse is sometimes the best form of cleanse. Methods for a colon cleanse range from extreme forms of irrigation that include little more than water and herbs that facilitate bowel movement. A colon cleanse often includes coffee to stimulate the colon. Proponents of the colon cleanse claim that this is the ideal way to eliminate dangerous toxicity from the gastrointestinal tract. 

Elimination diet

There are multiple forms of elimination cleanses. These are meant to eliminate specific features of your diet that have become problematic. For example, some people, though not necessarily lactose intolerant, can develop problems associated with dairy products. An elimination diet is often a medical process designed to pinpoint food allergies and intolerances. 

Essentials of a Healthy Cleanse

Cleansing and hydrating detox

A cleanse centers on detoxification. Essential to this is to focus on organic, unprocessed nutrients. There are some basic components of this.

Minimize or eliminate animal proteins

This is especially true of red meat which carries a high toxic load for your body. Focus on plant-based proteins. You can supplement your proteins with a healthy plant-based protein powder. 

Increase alkaline fresh vegetables

Things like cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, and avocado will counteract and neutralize acidity in your body. This is ideal for oxygenating and detoxifying your system. Try to eat these vegetables raw, but lightly steamed will work. 

Increase fiber

Things like flax and chia seeds give you a boost of fiber. This works to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract. 

Probiotic foods

In addition to cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, replenish your intestinal flora with probiotic foods like yogurt, pickles, kefir, miso, and kimchi. These help with intestinal health and they provide a boost to your immune system.  

Completely eliminate inflammatory foods

Things like processed sugars, alcohol. Trans fats, caffeinated beverages, and nonorganic foods should be completely eliminated since these stress your metabolism and the rest of your body. 


Make sure you drink plenty of pure filtered water. Herbal teas and vegetable broths also work well. 

Herbal, botanical, and nutritional supplements

These things are the natural remedies you need to supplement your immune and organ systems during your cleanse. Since you are eliminating nutrition from dietary sources for a set period, it is best to supplement nutrients in other ways.


Exercise is crucial to seeing the full benefits of a healthy cleanse. Besides the obvious benefit of exercise, staying active can engage your lymphatic system which is one of the main physiological avenues for removing toxicity from your body. If you are not active, you can cause the lymphatic system to slow down, thus defeating the purpose of the cleanse.

If you are doing a juice cleanse or any other program that drastically reduces your caloric intake, stick with low impact exercise like yoga or walking. Remember, it only takes about 20 minutes of exercise a day to engage your body’s natural cleaning systems. 

Meditation and mindfulness

Taking time to deliberately calm and focus the mind and body are important features of a healthy cleanse. Practices like mindfulness are ideal for eliminating negative and stressful thoughts which can be just as toxic to your body as chemical toxins. Meditation and mindfulness help re-connect the mind-body toward greater health and wellness.

Are juice cleanses healthy?

Since fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and healthy chemical supplements, it stands to reason that they could help bolster your health. It has long been believed that drinking juices from fruits and vegetables provide the body with healing properties in addition to nutrition.

The idea is that by providing your body with a strict regimen of juices containing the correct kinds of nutrients and cleansing properties, you can eliminate the toxins that accumulate over time and set your body on a healthier path. A fast, or juice cleanse as it is often called, is simply a planned diet of juices for a specific period to achieve a specific end. 

How to do a healthy juice cleanse

The recommended method for a juice cleanse is to drink nothing but juices and smoothies for three days. In general, a juice cleanse follows three stages:


Three to five days before the cleanse period, gradually eliminate all sources of toxins in your diet and lifestyle. This means cutting down and stopping certain foods like coffee, refined sugar, meat, dairy, and wheat. You will also need to stop all alcohol intake and stop smoking. This phase should be accompanied by an increase in things like fresh vegetables, fruits, and fluids that will work as a pre-cleanse.

Cleanse or detox stage

For the period of the detox or cleanse you should drink a minimum of 32 ounces of juice or smoothies. About half of this should be green vegetable juices. 


After the detox period (usually three days) your body will be weakened, and your digestive system will be sensitive. Eat light, adding foods over the curse of several days. Do not go directly back to eating your 

A juice cleanse is designed to improve your health, but it's possible that you will not feel all that well while you are going through the fast. Some things to keep in mind while doing a juice fast:

  • No strenuous exercise. Keep your physical activity light. Walking is ideal since it increases circulation which will improve lymphatic function to help clean toxins from your body. 
  • Get a massage: Massage therapy of any kind will work to push toxins out. Lymphatic draining and deep massage are ideal. 
  • Take care of mind/body wellness. Keeping your mental well-being in line with your physical well-being is crucial. Relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, and breathing exercises will help tune the mind in with the physical boosts of a juice fast. 
  • Be aware of your emotions. In many traditional forms of medicine, the liver and kidneys are connected to feelings of anger and fear. You may feel mood swings during and immediately following a juice fast. These are normal and can be managed if you are aware of what is happening. 

A juice cleanse is meant to cleanse the body, but any intervention of this type will impact your total state of well-being. Be aware of things, and stick to the guidelines above, and you will see the benefits of the juice fast without falling prey to some of the short-term difficulties.  

Spartan Detox Plans

With the Spartan Detox, you are consuming far more fruits, vegetables, and herbs daily than on any other detox.  You also have a detox shake or juice often enough to avoid any hunger or drops in sugar that you might experience with other styles of detoxing.  

Our natural juices & smoothies are prepared every day using the best quality fruits outdoors offering an exceptional taste and drink experience that will help your body feel energetic.

We help ensure you succeed in finishing your detox and feel your best because people tend to do so much better at following a plan when there is support.  We are on your team and once you try our detox, you become part of our ever-growing family, the SpartanDetox family.

Healthy Cleanse FAQs

What is a healthy cleanse? 

A cleanse is simply a restricted diet and program of eating and exercise designed to reduce or eliminate the toxins and impurities that may have built up in your body. The theory behind a cleanse is that some toxins found in foods we eat, and in the environment, can accumulate in the body over time. A cleanse is designed to restrict your diet in such a way as to allow natural systems like the colon, liver, and kidneys to completely eliminate these toxins. 

What are the types of cleanses? 

A cleanse can consist of a total juice cleanse, a colon cleanse, or a restricted diet cleanse designed to pinpoint a specific toxic food source such as an allergen. 

What are the essentials of a healthy cleanse? 

The four essentials are the detox plan, a solid program of healthy juices or supplements, hydration, and mindful activity. 

Are juice cleanses healthy? 

A sound juice cleanse is extremely healthy. With the correct combination of juices that contain all the necessary vitamins and other nutrients, you can restore health and well-being with a healthy juice cleanse. 


The practice of going through a cleanse is not new. People have been practicing cleansing diets and other programs for a long time. But with this seemingly common practice, it can be easy to forget about maintaining a healthy cleansing program.

A cleanse can be done in several ways. Whether you want to give your body a complete respite by consuming nothing but fresh healthy juices for a set period of time, or if you need to identify a specific dietary problem, there is a way to cleanse that can work for you. 

The keys are to maintain your nutritional balance in some form. The best way to do this is with a solid juice cleanse from Spartan Detox. This kind of cleaning program will continuously replenish the nutrients you need to achieve the health and wellness you are after. 

Along the way, do not lose sight of the importance of proper hydration. You should also maintain some kind of meditation or mindfulness practice to ensure a healthy mind and body. Everything is connected where a cleanse is concerned With the right planning and the correct juices and nutrition, you can easily enjoy a healthy and rejuvenating cleanse.